Why would you need travel insurance! Travel is one of life’s great joys. But even the most carefully planned trip can be complicated by unforeseen events. Whether it’s lost luggage, cancelled flights, or a medical emergency, an unexpected mishap can turn a relaxing vacation into a taxing experience. Travel Insurance is designed to keep your travel on track. Save you money, safeguard your journey, and make your vacation memorable for all of the right reasons. Most insurance policies, including Medicare, do not cover medical issues outside the 50 United States.  And no personal insurance covers hotel, airfare or medical evacuation.  I had a client on an Alaskan cruise who had a $900 bill on their final cruise account!  Their personal insurance only covered $450, the rest was out of pocket.  Or the client traveling in a third world country who needed emergency surgery, and had purchase insurance, and was medevacked ($36,000) to a safe/clean facility.

Over 70% of U.S. travelers now purchase travel insurance when booking their trip through a travel agent. Quite simply, they do it because it’s a smart decision.

Approximately one in 6 travelers have had Still not convinced that travel insurance is for you? Ask yourself, “Can I afford to lose my vacation investment?” Sickness, injury or worse can occur when you are least expecting it. And not only to you, but to your non-traveling family members.

Without travel insurance:

Would you be able to pay all of your emergency expenses out of pocket and in advance?

Would you be covered if you injured yourself on your trip and required emergency assistance or medical evacuation back to the U.S.?

Would you be able to leave immediately if an elderly parent passed away or there was a medical emergency in your family back home while you were on your trip?

Would you get your money back if something happened before your trip and you needed to cancel?

Travel insurance helps protect against unforeseen emergencies which can occur at any time. It also helps protect you against other circumstances like travel delay, lost or stolen baggage and personal items, missed connections, hurricanes and so much more.


Many travel insurance plans also have optional coverage for Emergency medical expenses incurred while traveling. This is particularly important for international travelers. A reliable travel insurance plan with medical coverage will take care of medical care and related costs, including the sometimes expensive cost of transporting a patient back home


Travel insurance is inexpensive, as the risks of a single trip or vacation are fairly low. The cost very from company to company and the amount covered.

00.00 medical bill, but her work insurance covered only half the amount (she did not have travel insurance).  Another client who had emergency surgery in a third world country, who was medivac to Thailand after her surgery, at a cost of $35,000.00 (luckily she had travel insurance to cover evacuation, foreign and domestic hospital bills

The reason most people do not purchase travel insurance is because they aren’t aware of the option. There are several good reasons to look into insurance, particularly when taking an international vacation or any other potentially high-cost trip.

The travel insurance I’m talking about is not with a cruise line or escorted tour supplier.  What I am talking about is what is called third part insurance.  A supplier may cover the cruise or tour but nothing else.  And if that tour supplier went out of business before or during your trip, you would be out of luck recovering any money.

Trip Cancellation

The basic purpose of standard travel insurance policies is to pay the costs that occur due to a trip’s cancellation. Depending on the plan, this might include the costs of hotel reservations, plane tickets and more.

Emergency Medical Coverage

If you purchase your own coverage, make sure you know what is covered.

In short, travel insurance is Peace of Mind. It allows you to relax and enjoy your vacation without worry. If you don’t think it’s worth the cost, just ask someone who’s needed to file a claim